Thursday, March 31, 2011

Top Tips for a Summer Wedding

Summer is just around the corner! By taking the right steps, the blistering hot weather does not need to get in your way of having a beautiful summer wedding. We just love these peachy colored summer photos. Summertime weddings in Texas can be hard to perfect so we have some tips to cool down your special day, and make your wedding run a bit smoother.

1. The wedding cake

Make sure that if your cake is going to be exposed to the heat and the sun’s rays, that it is covered in fondant rather than butter cream. This precaution will help ensure that your cake does not end up dripping down the table before you and your husband even have a chance to feed it to each other. Using your ceremony canopy to show case your cake during the reception is another great way to limit the sun’s rays from shinning on your cake. Depending on where you live, you might want to fashion a tulle net to cover your cake to avoid bugs or falling leaves and flowers.

2. Hydration

You will want to make your guests as comfortable as possible. Keeping plenty of beverages on hand will help keep guests from getting too hot or dehydrated. Along with fun summer mixed drinks also consider having lots of non-alcoholic alternatives. This will allow for many choices for the younger guests and for those who have gotten even more dehydrated after having their share of alcoholic drinks. We love the idea of passing around iced tea and water as your guests are seated for your ceremony. Don’t forget the ice!

3. Flowers

Flowers are known to wilt with the heat of the summer and need careful attention to keep them at their best. To ensure flowers are as beautiful as when they came from the florist consider using flowers that have a stronger stems as they will be able to withstand more heat and still keep their shape. Flowers such as cala lilies, mums, alstromeria, or sunflowers are great to use for an outdoor summer wedding because of their beauty and durability. Regardless of the flower type it’s always a good idea to keep them in cold water and out of the sun as long as possible. Keeping bouquets and centerpieces in a fridge until ready for use will also help to preserve them.

4. Favors

Favors are a fun way to let your guests feel included and show them how much you really appreciate that they are sharing your special day with you. During your summer wedding choosing favors that will help your guests cool off will definitely be appreciated. Some examples of summer favors for an outdoor wedding could include sun umbrellas, personalized paper fans, water bottles, battery operated fans, sunglasses, or flip flops.

In addition to these top 4 tips other things to think about include; using lighter colors to make things nice and bright, and also to help keep cool. If you have a covered reception area make sure that there is still a nice breeze coming through. Choose chairs that are not metal as they will heat up in the sun, or choose seat cushions to keep your guests cool and comfortable throughout the reception. Make the reception attire more casual rather than formal, and provide freshening up kits in the restrooms.

Most importantly, keep in mind that you want to be able to have a good time with your guests and the more comfortable you are the more enjoyable and memorable your wedding will be. How will you be keeping cool at your summer wedding?

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