Thursday, March 10, 2011

Little White Wedding Dresses

Nothing is more stunning in a wedding than the perfect white wedding dress, but after hours of wearing that long gown it can really start to take a toll on you. Coming into the reception hall with a new, lighter, and more casual dress is such an exciting thing to do, and will really show everyone that it is time to party! It’s also a great way to preserve that special purchase that you will want to keep the rest of your life, because on your wedding day you should not be worrying about spills or marks. With this fun non-traditional trend, you can really enjoy your wedding to the fullest. It will allow you to dance and mingle more freely. A second option that might be more dramatic would be to have this change of wardrobe in the middle of the reception rather than at the beginning. Here are some of our picks for short reception dresses that wow. In addition to the reception dress options, don't forget a great statement dress for the rehearsal dinner too. And we just love these H&M dresses from their Garden Collection.

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