Sunday, December 19, 2010

On the Sixth Day of Christmas

On the sixth day of Christmas my wedding planner gave to me...

The bridal party!

You've hired a wedding planner, came up with a budget and put together a checklist, found that perfect dress, booked the venue(s), and hired someone to capture the special day. Now it is time to ask your attendants to stand up for you, and delegate their duties. 

When choosing who would like next to you think of your very closest friends and family. And don't forget each other's siblings (i.e- his sister, if the two of you are close). Consider the size of your wedding, if you are anticipating around 100 guests than 4 attendants on each side is ideal (4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen). If you are having a larger wedding, let's say 300-400 guests, than you can "get away with" having a much larger bridal party (such as 8-12 attendants on each side). 

Yes, anything goes these days when it comes to weddings, but it can be nice to follow traditions. Here is a brief run down of who should do what, according to traditions. You can most certainly put your own spin on the traditional roles, just be sure to let attendants know what you would like them to do and make sure that they can follow through. 

Maid of Honor- Your maid of honor will organize and host the bridal shower. She will sign the marriage license as a witness. You may want to have her help you with your attire, before and after the ceremony...holding your train while you walk, bustling your train after the ceremony, helping you with your veil, etc... During the reception you can have your maid of honor look after your purse and personal items. 

Bridesmaids- Trustworthy friends who are your support system. As well as the support team for your maid of honor. Your bridesmaids will be there to help you with pre-wedding tasks when you need them. Bridesmaids are often expected to hit the dance floor and help get the party started. 

Flower Girl- A little lady (typically age 2-8) who walks down right before the bride. Either with the ring bearer or right after he walks down. Have her scatter flower petals from a basket, or she can carry a pomander. 

Best Man- Aside from planning and organizing the bachelor party, your best man will also sign the marriage license as a witness. He can help your hubby-to-be with his attire before and after the ceremony. Your best man will carry the bride's ring. He should make the first toast, after your parents. 

Groomsmen- Trustworthy friends who will help your hubby-to-be with preparing for the big day. Aside from helping plan and pay for the bachelor party; they may decorate your getaway car, dance with dateless ladies, and act as ushers if you are not having separate ushers. 

Ushers- Ushers ensure that guests are seated before the ceremony. Your ushers will escort guests, and any family members who are not in the processional, to their seats. You can also have your ushers hand out your ceremony programs to guests as they arrive. 

Ring Bearer- A young boy (age 4-8 recommended), who will walk down the aisle after the bridesmaids and groomsmen and just before you and your dad. He can either walk with the flower girl or right before her. Ring bearers carry a pillow with rings tied to it (we recommend fake ones so that your rings do not get lost). 

Happy planning! 

Photo by Shaun Menary Photography, is from a recent wedding we did. 



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