Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On the Eighth Day of Christmas

On the eighth day of Christmas my wedding planner gave to me...

Flowers, linens, cake, and music...oh my!

You have hired a wedding planner, made your budget and started a checklistfound your wedding dress, you have booked your venue (and set your wedding date), hired someone to capture your special day, you have selected and asked your bridal party to stand up for you, and you have started your registry. You have been busy little bride-to-be you! But your wedding planning work is not quite done yet. Now comes the fun...creating the look, feel, and mood (a la ambiance) you want for your wedding. It is now time to book your other major vendors; florist, rentals, bakery, and a band or DJ. 

Here are few questions to ask yourself to help define the ambiance you desire: 

1. Do you prefer formal or informal?
2. Do you like large centerpieces or smaller ones?
3. Do you like bold colors or more subdued ones?
4. When you see yourself walking down the aisle; are you walking to the sounds of a string quartet, a piano or organ, a jazz combo, or songs you've given to a DJ or that are on your Ipod?
5. For the reception do you want a master of ceremonies (MC) to announce throughout the reception or do you want a more mellow mood?
6. Do you want to dance at your wedding?
7. What other kinds of entertainment would you like? Photo-booth, flip book, lounge area, candy or dessert bar, make your own sundae station, etc... The possibilities are endless!
8. Do you like cake, cupcakes, or do you and your hubby-to-be have another favorite dessert you would rather serve? 
9. Are you having a sit down dinner, buffet, or a cocktail reception?
10. Does your venue provide chairs and linens? Do you like the ones they provide? Would you prefer a chair cover in your color of choice? Do you like the clean look of chivari chairs? Or the sleek look of lucite chairs?
11. Do you have any favorite colors? Are you thinking of a theme? 
12. What are your favorite flowers? 
13. Do you like the traditional hand-tied bouquet or do you prefer a cascade style bouquet?
14. Do you want a simple 3 tier cake? Or a more grand 7 tier cake? 
15. Does your venue require a lot of decor? Or is it ornate and only need a small touch?

Asking yourself these questions will help you visualize the wedding you want. Then, it's time to hire the professionals. Just like when you hired your photographer; ask your wedding planner for recommendations (you can ask us for our recommendations), or ask your friends and family members who they used. You will want to make sure that your vendors are reputable professionals. 

And most of all...have fun! 

Photo is of a design board we made for one of our couples. 


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