Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Royal Occasion

It’s almost here, only a few days left until the royal wedding. After years of being together Kate Middleton will be officially joining the royal family when she and Prince William tie the knot on Friday April 29, 2011. To celebrate this day in history and the extravagant wedding, we’ve compiled a few pictures and interesting facts about Will and Kate’s upcoming nuptials. Notice how similar Prince William and Kate’s engagement picture is to his parents.

- Kate is only 29 years old but is still the oldest woman to ever be married into the royal family. Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana was just over 20 when she married his father back in the early 80s.

- Close to 4000 applications for street party licenses have been submitted from the public for them to celebrate the joyous occasion in their own way.

- It seems they are being smart and taking steps to make their marriage last, like waiting a little longer to get married. As well as they are allegedly signing a pre-nup.

- Rather than getting gifts they have chosen to ask guests to donate to one, or some, of the 26 chosen charities.

- Prince William will not wear a ring after their upcoming marriage, but Kate will wear rather a gold ring passed down to William from the Queen.

- Guests who have participated in the military will be asked to wear their dress uniform, while woman can wear elegant afternoon dresses with or without a smart coat and hat.

- William and Kate's wedding reception will have 600 chosen guests who will enjoy a lunchtime buffet, where as his parents Charles and Diana who celebrated with only 120 guests.

Picture with zoomed in ring from Arzelles, picture of invitation from The Lux Beat, engagement picture from The Frisky, information from  Foyles



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