Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CRAVE Dallas

Last night we had a blast attending the launch party for CRAVE Dallas. CRAVE is the urban girls' guide to the sassiest, gutsiest, and most inspiring people they need to know in town. With books throughout the country (LA, Seattle, and Minneapolis just to name a few), and currently expanding worldwide (they just launched Amsterdam), CRAVE's mission is to support and enhance women-owned businesses while having some fun! 

We are honored to be one of the 150 women entrepreneurs featured in the first ever Dallas CRAVE guidebook. From event planners, florists, clothing designers, apparel boutiques, fitness and yoga studios to designers, chefs, women's shelters, restaurants, bakeries, lawyers, etc... CRAVE has it all! And features the most creative, interesting, gutsy, savvy, and stylish women in town! 

The book includes information about each business as well as special deals you can't find anywhere else! Find us on page 62! 

Please let us know if you would like your very own CRAVE Dallas book, we have copies of this fabulous guide! 



  1. Hey I didn'y get to say hi last night! Too bad, we should have gotten a group to do the photo booth!

  2. Hey! I know so sorry I missed you guys! We should do lunch soon!