Monday, September 13, 2010

Vendor Exposé with Justin Cash

I'm so excited about our vendor exposé this month! I love Justin Cash and his music. In fact I have a personal tie to Justin and his wonderful band...they drove all the way from Dallas,Texas to Scottsdale,Arizona to be a part of mine and my husband's wedding when we got married. Justin Cash's music is perfect for a rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, reception, or just about any celebration where music is needed. 

Deanie Michelle Events: Tell us your story. How did you get started in the music biz?

Justin Cash: It's a great story, I have been truly blessed. My dad used to take me down to a local store called "Acoustic Music Revival" when we lived in Denver, CO. Imagine an old world instrument shop like you might find in Italy, complete with beret-wearing seasoned folk musicians and the smell of old cedar, and you will be there. It was there that I learned to play and sing, and there that I met my wife!

Deanie Michelle Events: I can picture it now! Fabulous story, and I love that you met your wife there too. Describe your style/sound? 

Justin Cash: Somewhere between James Taylor and Eric Clapton. Music that makes everyone feel good, that's my goal. 

Deanie Michelle Events: You write a lot of your own music. Where does your inspiration come from?

Justin Cash: My wife and children mostly, things they say and do, and all of the beautiful things in life that surround us every day. Often inspiration will strike at the most unexpected moment.

One day I was explaining to my son James that the Dove is a symbol of peace. He said thoughtfully, "Dad, I wish I had a dove." That phrase itself imprinted on my brain, and later that day, the chorus of the song "Dove" from my new album Beautiful World, practically wrote itself. 

Deanie Michelle Events: Love it! And congratulations on your newest addition to your family! I'm sure that he too will be the inspiration for much of your future songs. Who are your clients?

Justin Cash: Most of my clients are brides that are looking for a solo acoustic guitar to perform for their ceremony and then later during the dinner add some vocals. Rehearsal dinners are another common event that often needs my kind of music to make the environment cool, classy, intimate, and romantic. I also perform at a lot of wedding receptions with the full band , when people want to have some groovy party music. 

Deanie Michelle Events: Lots of options for brides to enjoy your sound, which is terrific! Clients can choose between solo guitar with or without vocals, duo, trio, or quartet...which do you recommend for weddings? 

Justin Cash: A great combination that takes care of all of the music in one shot is: solo acoustic guitar for the ceremony, solo guitar and vocals for dinner, and then four to five piece band for the reception. That way, the bride only has to deal with ONE guy, who can take care of all of their music needs for the entire wedding. 

Deanie Michelle Events: I love that! I strongly encourage couples to limit the number of vendors they have, so that is right up our ally. What is your favorite part of performing for weddings?

Justin Cash: It's all great! Seriously, I love being a part of the ceremony where you get to witness two people who truly are in love make a wonderful commitment to each other. There is always a very special feeling in the room that reminds you of all of the good things in life that last: love, family, and close friends. It's a beautiful moment, and I am  touched every time I'm at a ceremony. It reminds me how lucky I am to have found my wonderful wife, Annie. 

The reception is always a blast, as the bandleader and emcee, you get to be the guy in charge of helping everyone simply have a great time and enjoy themselves. I really love watching the parents or grandparents who haven't danced in YEARS get out on the dance floor and smile as they lose self-consciousness and allow themselves to just have fun. Parents who are falling in love again during a slow dance is another one I love see, like your parents dancing to "Only the Beginning", Deanie. They meant that. I love my job, what could be a better work place environment?

Deanie Michelle Events: I couldn't agree more Justin! What is your fondest memory of music?

Justin Cash: A family road trip through New York State when I was ten years old. My father played the Beatles the entire time. It's the same thing as we were talking about before - good music and family at the same time, nothing better. 

Deanie Michelle Events: What is on your ipod?

Justin Cash: Besides "Break music-chill" and "Break music-uptempo" - Ha Ha - I love anything with acoustic guitar and good songs. Lately a lot of audio books as well, I love motivational and classic literature.

Deanie Michelle Events: Tells us about one of your favorite moments performing? 

Justin Cash: One time I was playing in a restaurant and had brought my 6-year-old son with me. I overheard him saying to a couple sitting near him: "My dad's the best guitar player in the world".

Deanie Michelle Events: Too cute! That just brought a huge smile to my face. Where do you see Justin Cash and/or Justin Cash Music in 5 years?

Justin Cash: I just released an album of my own songs and would like to be performing more concerts and reaching more people worldwide. There is a power in music to uplift, to edify, and to inspire. That's my job here on earth. 

I'll always be performing weddings though. Not only do I truly enjoy it, I feel useful in the world, since I am able to use my talents to bless the lives of others and deliver something truly special to them. 

Thanks Justin! I look forward to hopefully working with you again soon, and watch as your music career grows. 

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