Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Friendly Wedding Ideas

In honor of Earth Day yesterday we've put together a list of ways to incorporate more earth and eco friendly consciousness into your wedding. We recently read that "green" weddings and eco-friendly wedding elements have taken a backseat in the past 18 months due to the economy. But these earth friendly tips are both good for our earth and your wallets! 

- Use only, or mostly, locally grown and in season flowers as they take less energy to transport and preserve. Or opt instead for plant and tree arrangements. Another great idea, check our recent blog post on brooch bouquets and forego the floral bouquets for the eco-friendly and pizzazy brooch bouquets instead. 

- Have invitations and all other printed items done on recycled paper. One we love is Coco Dot

- Ask your caterer to use all locally grown and organic foods in your wedding day menu.

- Opt for serving purified tap water rather than bottled water at your reception. And forget about giving out those monogrammed water bottles in gift and/or welcome bags, and instead guests  more eco-friendly favor such as a re-usable water bottle.

- Rather than purchasing guest favors, have a tree planted in each guests honor. Or provide them with a small tree they can plant at home. 

- Purchase your wedding gown from the fabulous new Eco Collection by Adele Wechsler. Gowns are made with earth friendly and recycled materials such as; organic hemp and silk, vegetable dyes, remnant fabrics, and hand-cut designs. Offering brides an eco-friendly option with the luxury of a couture gown. And best of all brides also receive a watercolor of her dress, initials inside the gown, and a tree planted in her home state. How awesome is that! 



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